51 Oakwood is HIPPA compliant. Our specialists will make sure you are too. 

Code Compliance

51 Oakwood is compliant in:




Claims Status 

Claims Adjustment Reason Codes

Provider Taxonomy Codes

Today’s “Hot Topics” and “Hoops” - Meaningful Use and PQRS

We understand that these “hot topics” and “hoops” are ever changing. We pride ourselves on staying current with your speciality, government red-tape, local LCD’s and payor guidelines. 

Penalties for non-compliance are unacceptable. Money is better in-pocket than on-the-table. Government initiatives aren’t going anywhere. They will only get more complex and important. In fact, CMS is going to be increasing the percentage of reimbursement over the coming years. Don’t lose another night’s sleep. Don’t lose another dollar from your practice. We guarantee not only compliance, but maximization, for each of our clients. Today. And in the future.