Your Privacy Matters

Our job is to help you grow your practice and make your life easier, not to sell your information. We will NEVER give any sensitive information to a third party (unless YOU specifically tell us to do so). This is includes:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Physical Address
  • Any Patient information

Not only do we periodically review and enhance our privacy policies but any particularly sensitive information (e.g., patient records, diagnosis, treatment plan, etc.) is encrypted prior to transmission. 

The only personal information we have about you comes from you. All we know is what you tell us via the “online contact form” (hyperlinked) and through emails. Our web-server knows your IP address but that’s it. 


The information contained on is just that, information. It does not constitute medial or legal advice. We are a Medical Management company committed to growing your practice while simultaneously making your life easier. We urge you to seek advice before acting or not acting. 

We look forward to “hearing from you” (link to contact form). Please do not include any sensitive or confidential material. If we need anything from you we will ask specifically for it. We will then tell you the safest way to get that information to us.

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