The Not-So-Fine Print

  • Roughly half the price of what our competitors charge
  • Remarkably less than staffing an in-house billing department
  • A flat rate of the collected deposits in your account

As part of the 51 Oakwood Team, you’re entitled to our tireless efforts and services, including:

Making more money

We submit all individual billings and third party claims. (Including billings, follow-ups, and payment postings.)

Getting Paid Faster

We status, task, and resubmit unpaid claims immediately upon notice of denial.

Sitting Back and Relaxing

We meet and negotiate with third party payors. We resolve medical management issues and stay current with coding guidelines.

Maximizing Your Revenue

We analyze your fees and manage your revenue cycle.

Streamlining Your Practice

Monthly custom reports (including denial management for staff training if necessary) will be delivered to you.

Doing Less Accounting

We reconcile your accounts receivable every month. (Including charges, payments, refunds, and adjustments.)

Doing Less Paperwork

We prepare and send all direct patient statements monthly. Free of charge.

Resting Easier

We implement a set of controls, procedures, and protocols to reduce the chance of loss due to error or negligence. We will design and print fee tickets, templates, charge masters, and charge slips at no extra cost.

Reducing Hassles

You now have a toll-free telephone number for yourself, your patients, and their insurance carriers to handle all inquires. 

Saving Money

We pay all the costs of mailing statements, claims, and charge data.