It Starts And Ends With You

Business, like life, is about relationships. It’s about people. Your job is to make them healthier and live longer. Our job is to make you and your practice healthier and grow faster. After filling out our contact form us or calling 800.527.0336, you’ll hear from us the next business day or sooner.

After that initial consultation we will be busy saving you time and making you more money. That’s what it’s about for us here at 51 Oakwood. 

Once You’re Part Of The Team

We’ll set you up with a secure entity to be your e-filing cabinet. Every document we touch, every document you send is there. Anytime. Whether it’s a chart, claims status, or a monthly report from seven years ago, it’s there for you when you want it.

And it’s safe. Medical Management is about the details. That’s why all of our data is backed-up with triple redundancy. We have servers in-house; one in Colorado and one in the Cloud. 

We make it as easy as possible. Whatever EHR software you currently use - work’s for us. The systems we have in place to earn you more money and save you more time are either compatible or we will establish a VPN (virtual private network) to access your EHR

We handle the headaches. Billing and dealing with insurance companies can be confusing. It takes time and patience. Both of which could be better used on your patients. That’s why we do it. We will talk to your patients, to their insurance providers, and anyone else we need to in order to save you time. 

At the end of each month we invoice you for our percentage of the total amount you’ve already received.