What We Do

Taking Care Of You, So You Can Take Care Of Your Patients

Let Us Help You

We want to help you run the business of your practice so you can focus on what’s important: your patients.

Earn More. Worry Less. Live Better.


A comprehensive list of services to make you more profitable without the headaches…

Medical Management & Claims Processing

We specialize in running the business of your practice. You specialize in treating patients. Let us do our job so you can do more of yours.

Get Paid More. Faster.

Fee Scheduling

Our coders are members of the AAPC and their job is to make yours easier. We have a lawyer and staff that reads all the CMS factsheets, LCD’s, and payor guidelines for your specialty. You’ll reduce money left on the table.

Maximum Reimbursement. Minimum Effort.

Practice Management

The smoother your operations run the healthier your practice will run. Our systems are designed to work with your system.

Our coders are members of the AAPC and their job is to make your job easier.

It’s about efficiency, organization, and workflow.

Legal Advantage

The president of 51 Oakwood is also a lawyer with over 20 years experience. We will handle all the legal billing needs of your practice. Whether it’s negotiating carrier contracts, making sense of government initiatives, or appealing denials—we’ve got you covered.

Put my experience to work for you.

On-Site Evaluations

In addition to all the remote services above - we will also come to your door…

Auditing and Consulting

If it’s peace of mind you’re after - we’d be happy to help. We will look over patient charts for CMS compliance, analyze your current billing practices, and even review your Accounts Receivable balances. It never hurts to have an extra set of eyes. That’s why we have an independent auditor look at us - making sure we’re looking after you.

Be Prepared. Don’t Panic.

Training And Education

It’s about making your practice better. That’s what we do here at 51 Oakwood. We help you help people. Another way we do that specifically is by teaching. Coming to your office and conducting training sessions is something we’d love to do.

Let’s Work Smarter Together.