Do More Of What You Love

Let’s be honest - there are many good and noble reasons why people go into practicing medicine. Running a business is not one of them. That’s where we come in. Our only job is to manage the business side of your practice. It’s what we do. We don’t have patients. We have claims to process. So you can focus on patient care.

Electronically denied claims are corrected and re-submitted within 24 hours.

Making You More. Faster.

With the time saved by turning your billing and claims processing over to us, you’ll be able to see  more patients. Rest easy knowing - 

  • Every claim is processed and submitted within 24 hours of receipt. But only after going through our own 4-step audit protocols to ensure they are clean the first time.
  • All claims are submitted and tested electronically.
  • Electronically denied claims are followed up on and re-submitted within 24 hours.
  • Other denied claims are worked and re-submitted within 30 days. 
  • Claims are continually worked and re-submitted until paid in full or adjudicated. 
  • We reconcile lock-box deposits and posting of payments daily.
  • You receive a monthly claim status and denial report showing our progess and results.

Saving You Money And More

Doing your own billing and claims processing costs on average between 9-12% of your revenue. We do it for the flat-fee averaging 5% of the amount collected. But it isn’t just about dollars and cents. It’s about a resource far more precious and scarce - your time. 

It takes time and labor to prepare and process claims. To mail bills. To talk to patients about  balances. To talk to insurance companies about patients. But with us - you don’t have to worry about that anymore. We…

  • Pay the cost of printing and mailing your statements.
  • Follow up with patient balances and establish budget payments according to your financial policy.
  • Process patient refunds when applicable.
  • Respond to patient and insurance carrier calls through our toll-free number. 
  • Timely work and appeal your denials.
  • Follow up on aged claims and reprocess.
  • File your secondary and tertiary claims.