51 Oakwood has you covered. Because it isn’t just about billing and coding - it’s also about information. It’s feeling at ease and secure knowing there’s a team looking out for you and your practice. 

CMS fee scheduling is a fluid environment. It changes. Maybe it’s par and non-par reimbursements? Or fee increases or decreases? It could be that all the contracts are undergoing massive changes - but it doesn’t matter. Not to you. Because you have us. 

Part of what we do is a thorough, legal-minded analysis of fee scheduling. Not just today’s Medicare. But tomorrow’s too. This way you never have to worry about being a step behind the latest CMS changes. With 51 Oakwood - you’ll be two steps ahead.        

Get Paid More 

PQRS? Meaningful Use? We track that.

Our certified coders make sure none of your reimbursements get left on the table.