Having A Lawyer On Your Side

There are advantages to practicing law for more than twenty years. Whether it’s making sense of new CMS policies, negotiating carrier contracts, or helping you avoid audits - 51 Oakwood is there for you.

Keeping You In The Game

We know letting a license lapse is the same as losing money. Docketing for renewal, re-validation, or any other change that could affect your practice is our job.

So is keeping you clean and audit free. Under coding is as potentially dangerous as over coding.

Using Our Expert Skills To Make You More

Sifting through the sometimes confusing new CMS mandates? No problem.

Working on hard to appeal denied claims? As long as the information and documentation is correct - nothing will be in AR for more than 90 days.

Making sure carriers stick to their contractual obligations and payment is received? Every day.

Backing up all source material to your e-filing cabinet on your client entity? Standard practice.

We negotiate the carrier contracts for all our clients with one goal in mind - to get you the highest fees. We’ll also handle provider enrollment and your credentialing.