Run Your Practice Better

Let us run the business of your practice. You focus on treating patients.

Keep Your Current EHR

Whatever software you’re using for your Electronic Health Record is fine. We’ll just help you use it better. Our software is designed to be as low-impact as possible on your practice. We will establish a VPN (virtual private network), at our expense, to access your current EHR. Or if you need an EHR, we can provide you with ours.

Either way - we can audit your charts and verify the correct charges. Remember - it’s about getting you paid and keeping you in compliance.

Putting The Flow Back In Your Work

The smoother your practice operates - the more patients you can see. The more patients you see - the more claims you have. The more claims - the more reimbursements. 

It all starts with having a workflow that both works and flows. 

The best way we know how to do that is by checking the complete eligibility of your patients and their insurance before their appointments. Automatically. We will also work with and train your staff on pre-authorizations and referrals. This way no one wastes any time. Not you. Not your patients.

Get Informed About Your Operations

We provide all our clients customized monthly reports to fit their unique needs under our billing system. Transparency is important to us. In many cases, we are able to give you with more information than our competitors, or your own facility, is able to provide.